Big Kahuna Burger

Mels Big Kahuna Burger

Mels Big Kahuna Burger!

You may remember the Big kahuna burger from pulp fiction…. The burger that made Samuel L Jackson need a sip of soda to wash that Tasty burger down. Well it kept me Up at night for a year till I perfected what I figured an epic burger should taste like!

And on that note…… Lets jump right into it!

What were gonna need!

-3 lbs ground chuck

-1 tablespoon pink sea salt

-1 teaspoon black pepper

-1 can pineapple rings

-1 onion sliced thin

-1lb thick sliced bacon

-2 cups Teriyaki sauce

-1 lb slices of Swiss cheese

-4 big brioche buns

-1 cup Kewpie mayo

-1 cup honey mustard

Let’s start this off right! we should be using a griddle or a cast iron pan! And if you have a burger press your ahead of the game! If not get out a good solid spatula!

Let’s get that fired up and warming! We want it sizzling hot!

First things First lets smash us some patties! toss the meat in a big bowl and add 3 tablespoons of W sauce, or woreschire if you have on hand, add salt and pepper and hand mix.

Start making handfuls sized meat balls and place on a platter in the fridge.

Let’s get that bacon in the pan and cook it down, once its ready to remove toss 2 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce on the bacon and set it aside.

Now let’s toss the onions in the bacon grease and cook them down with a teaspoon of teriyaki sauce. Set aside when soft.

Get the pan hot and place the pineapple rings down and add a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce, flip and repeat. Set aside.

Grab the burger balls from the fridge and make sure that pan is hot again!

Get them to the pan and place them one by one crushing them with the spatula to flatten. We want then about 3/4 inch thick at this point.

Cook until they start to get warm to the touch on the top in the centre.

Then flip and squish again. If you can find a hot section of the pan place it there to get that sizzle.

Once they are to your liking toss a teaspoon of teriyaki sauce on them and flip then it’s time to add the Swiss cheese and cover for 1 min with a lid. That will melt the cheese perfect.

Get those buns on the plates and open them, Add the kewpie to the bottom and the honey mustard to the top! Then onions and pineapple on the top and add 2 burger patties to the bottom. Top the patties with the bacon and close that bad boy up!

Take a look at what you just created!!! Now it’s time to take that monster down! Big bites with contempt! Be messy and aggressive! Enjoy every last bite before you wipe your face or look at your shirt! That $hit was worth it!

Now take a sip of soda to wash that Tasty burger down!

Ladies and Gents that was Mels Big Kahuna Burger!


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